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Our Service Providers

Learn about our amazing team members below. When booking your next SPA Pamper Party, you have the ability to request specific service providers so please take a look!

Jess SP
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Jessica Fields - Licensed Massage Therapist
Owner of Seven Pines Apothecary & Founder of SPA Pamper Parties

Jess has been a licensed massage therapist since 2013 and in 2020, She started an Aromatherapy and Massage business called Seven Pines Apothecary. Over the years, she has built a huge passion for self care, holistic healing, community, connection and supporting other women-owned small businesses.

During her massages, Jess likes to focus on relaxation and letting go of stress and tension. She believes we all could benefit from slowing down and allowing ourselves to receive.

Jess has also been an Aromatherapist since 2020, hand crafting my own natural skin and body care products. Our DIY Aromatherapy bar allows you to create your own product through step by step instructions. This bar is super popular as an add on to any package or party. You would choose one product for the whole group to make, such as essential oil roll ons, sugar scrubs or layered luxury bath salts. 

Michelle SP

Michelle Crouthamel - Licensed Massage Therapist 

Michelle has been a massage therapist since 2015. Her warm smile, caring spirit and passion to serve others makes a great addition to SPA Pamper Parties.

Kimberly SP
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Kimberly Estefany - Licensed Massage Therapist
Owner of Your Soul Mechanic

Kimberly is the Owner & Founder of Your Soul Mechanic Mobile Massage & Bodywork, her personal business. Personalized wellness is at the heart of what she does, focusing on evidence-based modalities for pain relief and holistic healing - specializing in acute and chronic pain, injuries, postural correction, and conditions like migraines, anxiety, and depression. Every treatment is tailored to the unique needs of the client, aiming for a rapid and effective resolution!

Julietta SP

Julietta Morales - Facials
Owner of NoFilter Beauty

Julietta is an esthetician, lash artist and entrepreneur. She loves empowering women and sharing her learning process with others through a lash training course she designed where one can start their own entrepreneurship journey.

LaToya SP

LaToya Johnson - Facials
Owner of Natural Body Essentials

As a seasoned healthcare professional with over 15 years of experience, LaToya is the proud owner of Natural Body Essentials. She is also a Licensed Esthetician and currently pursuing studies in aromatherapy. With a steadfast commitment to addressing common skin concerns such as eczema and dryness, while fostering radiant skin and self-love, Natural Body Essentials epitomizes empowerment and holistic well-being. Their diverse range of offerings, from soothing facials to rejuvenating face washes, is meticulously infused with positivity, all aimed at cultivating a serene, self-loving atmosphere.

Julie SP

Julie Kraus - Individual & Group Psychic and Mediumship Readings
Owner of Julie Kraus Spiritual Advisor

As a Spiritual Advisor, Julie uses her intuition and messages from the Afterlife to help people heal, understand their emotions, connect to joy and design their life to fulfill their highest potential.

Julie has been receiving messages from her Spirit Team since she was young, but have truly embraced it professionally in the past seven years. It warms her heart to be able to witness others receive messages from their Loved Ones on the Other Side, be presented with evidence and validation, and gain action steps from their Spirit Guides.

Colleen SP

Colleen McNally - Tarot and Mediumship
Owner of Soul Magic LLC

As a multifaceted guide and healer, Colleen McNally intertwines the mystical realms of tarot reading, Reiki, Access Bars, and life coaching to illuminate paths of self-discovery and empowerment. With a profound understanding of the unseen energies that shape our lives, Colleen serves as both a trusted advisor and an illuminating educator. Driven by a deep reverence for the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, Colleen invites seekers to embark on profound journeys of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. With wisdom, compassion, and unwavering support, Colleen assists with illuminating your own path towards wholeness, authenticity, and liberation.

When receiving a reading from Colleen, it will feel like a heartfelt conversation with a friend. Colleen explains the cards in a relatable way with gentle guidance. It's like sitting across from someone who understands life's ups and downs, offering practical advice and compassionate understanding, leaving you feeling understood, empowered, and ready to embrace the journey ahead.

Alyssa SP

Alyssa Barlow - Tarot, Reiki, Psychic Mediumship, & Aura Readings

Owner of Blyssfull Magick

Alyssa is the soul (sole) owner of Blyssfull Magick. She is an intuitive healer and assists others in their healing through their own innate power. She is a psychic medium, tarot reader, reiki master teacher and aura reader. She uses her gifts as a way to connect others with their purpose and power. Her goal is to bring you home to your highest self & create space for all of you to feel welcome and whole. 

Rhiannon SP

Rhiannon - Astrology, Tarot, and Mediumship

Rhiannon is a spiritualist, astrologer, tarot reader, and medium who has lifelong experience with spirits and has spent all of her adult life honing these skills and facilitating space for others to do the same. She has taught classes on everything from sea magic to manifestation and guiding others on their journey is a deep-seated passion of hers. 

When it comes to her spiritual gifts Rhiannon uses her extensive knowledge of the paranormal paired with her clairaudient and clairsentient abilities to bring an illuminating and enchanting energy to every reading.

Lauren SP

Lauren Kalinowski - Tarot Readings and Yoga

Reading tarot is a powerful tool for self discovery and sharpening your intuitive skills. Analyzing the archetypes on the cards can help to provide insight, guidance and clarity in navigating life’s uncertainties. ​

Courtney SP

Courtney Kalinowski - Watercolor Aura Readings

In Courtney's work, she aims to bridge energy healing and art through painting what she sees, feels and senses to serve as a visual reminder of potent truth. After graduating from Tyler School of Art in 2015, Courtney worked at The Omega Institute, which opened her up to a myriad of healing modalities and granted her the privilege to see how healing spaces are facilitated. Since 2017, she has been creating channeled visionary art and more recently has been drawn toward channeled Watercolor Aura Readings. She is fortunate to continue to learn and connect through different modes of energy healing and color/chromotherapy, study, and experiences with individuals during their readings.

To that point, Courtney is inspired by connecting color, elements, and shapes to the innate beauty within each individual’s soul and energy. Her intention is to create a rhythm and depth between shapes and colors that connect people to a greater power within themselves.

Once your reading begins, she intuitively reaches for colors and then allows images and energetic qualities to reveal themselves as your reading progresses. Color meanings and elemental aspects start to communicate the wisdom and gifts coming through your current energy. Together, we explore the power of colors and their messages.

Marjorie SP

Marjorie Sarah Cottrell - Astrology

Marjorie Sarah Cottrell is a writer, astrologer, mom of two, explorer and creative small business entrepreneur with a personal motto of: learn. create. share. Her lively astrology practice includes individual birth chart consultations, astrology reading events for small groups and families, workshops, retreats and writing centered on introspection, motherhood, paradox and more. Through events and workshops she marries her professional event planning experience with her passion for ancient astrological wisdom. 

Paula SP

Paula Focazio - Henna

Paula Focazio has been working with henna since 2010. She has trained with henna experts from around the globe at many international henna conferences and workshops. She has been a featured instructor at the Henna Society Conference in 2021 & 2023. Paula enjoys spreading joy through the art of henna. Her clients enjoy the relaxing henna application in addition to wearing her beautiful designs for nearly 2 weeks.

Each guest receives a henna design to complement their unique hand shape. Paula uses only 100% natural henna paste that she mixes herself from henna powder (ground henna leaves), table sugar, tea and essential oils. The pleasant scent of the oils enhances the overall experience and encourages darker henna stains. With proper after-care, guests can expect their beautiful henna stain to last 1 to 2 weeks. The size and intricacy of individual designs are determined by the length of time and number of guests at your party.

Amanda SP

Amanda Moonbaby - Henna

Amanda offers originial and intuitive designs made from organic, self made Henna (Brown) and Jagua (Navy/Indigo) pastes. There are never any preservatives, chemicals, or "black" henna used. She sees body art as an ambient and healing experience... not just a service or entertainment.

Andrea SP

Andrea Snyder - Sound Baths & Reiki

Andrea Snyder is a sound healing practitioner and performs at many local venues under the name “Bodies in Harmony”. Andrea completed her SoulMonic Sound Healing Certification with Three Trees, which incorporates many types of indigenous, Shamanic and contemporary sound healing techniques with a deeper understanding of the energetic worlds and methodologies of frequency and vibrational healing.


What to Expect During a Sound Bath:

Sound baths are a deeply relaxing form of meditation, which involves listening to soothing sounds, such as singing bowls, gongs, tongue drums, chimes and more. Drift away into a deep meditative state as the different frequencies and vibrations of the instruments wash over your body, allowing you to shift from a more active state to a more relaxed, almost dreamlike state. All paths lead to releasing stress, worry and physical tension, and regaining a sense of peace, calm and self-healing for the mind, body and spirit. It will be an experience of relaxation and bliss!

Shannon SP

Shannon Gallagher - Yoga
Owner of Shannon G. Virtually

Certified in 2020 as a 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Shannon has taught hundreds of classes for all levels of individuals. Whether you have your own personal yoga practice or have never practiced yoga before, be confident that you will be able to join in and feel supported throughout class!

Shannon’s style is restorative with a lot of breathwork added throughout. She includes spirituality and meditations throughout her sessions, as well.

Timyra SP

Timyra Brown - Manicures

Owner of Playhouse Nails

Timyra is a licensed nail technician with over 10 years of experience performing nail care services. She specializes in nail art and prides herself on providing lasting, quality nail sets. Timyra is passionate about curating a fun, inclusive environment for her clients and helping them reach their nail goals. 

Rachel SP

Rachel McMahon, RDH, PHDHP - Permanent Jewelry
Owner of Femme Gemz

Rachel is a licensed Dental Hygienist and the owner of Femme Gemz, a boutique style jewelry business specializing in tooth jewelry, teeth whitening services, permanent clasp less jewelry & comprehensive training courses. 

Are you looking for stunning, long-lasting, timeless, jewelry that you never have to take off? Well, that is exactly what Femme Gemz Permanent Jewelry is. We design a seamless, infinite piece of jewelry that we can weld to adorn for you as an anklet, ring, bracelet, or necklace. It is clasp free, so no catching & is designed to fit you perfectly. It is tough enough for your adventures and delicate enough to forget you're even wearing it. It is the ultimate accessory & the newest way to celebrate a milestone for yourself or make a memory with someone special to you!

Christina SP

Christina - DIY Flower Bouquet
Owner of Honey Hollow Blooms

Flowers have always been an important part of Christina’s life.  She founded Honey Hollow Blooms because she knows the joy flowers bring to our lives.  She loves to be in her garden and considers herself very fortunate to share her passion.  Christina grows seasonal specialty cut flowers and dedicates much of what she grows to dahlias.  The flowers she grows are ideal for making gorgeous bouquets as well as floral design work.

In addition to bloom offerings for Spa Pamper Parties, Honey Hollow Blooms offers Bloom Subscriptions, market bouquets, custom orders and wholesale to designers and florists through the Bucks County Flower Collective.  

Cathrine SP

Cathrine Strulson - Charcuterie Boards, Cups, & Cones
Owner of Ambler Charcuterie & Co LLC

Based in the Philadelphia suburbs, Ambler Charcuterie & Co LLC began as a passion project in 2021. The owner, and food stylist, Cathrine Strulson has always had an avid interest in food and hosting events.The aim with Ambler Charcuterie from its initial inception was to bring people together, create ease in entertainment, form connections, community and shared experience through food. 

Want to create an event with our service providers?

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